Ace of Wands (1972 TV Series) [4 DVDs]

Ace of Wands (1972 TV Series) [4 DVDs]



Ace of Wands is a British fantasy children's television show broadcast on ITV between 1970 and 1972, created by Trevor Preston and Pamela Lonsdale and produced by Thames Television. The title, taken from the name of a tarot card, describes the principal character, called "Tarot" (played by Michael MacKenzie), who combined stage magic with supernatural powers. Tarot has a pet Owl named Ozymandias, played by Fred Owl. The series was replaced by The Tomorrow People in 1973.

All surviving episodes - comprising the entire third and final season - of the 1970s ITV family drama series following the exploits of Tarot the Magician (Michael MacKenzie) and his assistant Lulli (Judy Loe), as they solve a series of mysteries, both natural and supernatural. Assisting them is Mr. Sweet, an antiquarian bookseller with a remarkable store of scientific knowledge.

Starring: Michael MacKenzie, Roy Holder, Petra Markham, Fred Owl, Donald Layne-Smith. Creator: Trevor Preston.

Brand new & sealed, UK Region 2 PAL DVD, 4-disc set, Network 2007

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