The Final Terror (1983) [DVD] [IMPORT]

The Final Terror (1983) [DVD] [IMPORT]



The Final Terror (also known as Carnivore, and internationally Campsite Massacre) is a 1983 American horror film directed by Andrew Davis, and starring Rachel Ward, Daryl Hannah, Adrian Zmed, and Joe Pantoliano. Blending elements of survival thrillers and slasher films, the story follows a group of rangers camping in the Northern California wilderness, where they fight for their lives against a backwoods, feral killer hunting them as prey.

The film, originally undergoing many working titles such as The CreeperThree Blind Mice and The Forest Primeval, was shot in 1981 in the Redwood forests, under the title Bump in the Night. The film was released on October 28, 1983 to capitalize on the rising fame of it stars Ward, Hannah, and Zmed.

Synopsis: A group of rangers go camping on unfamiliar forest grounds. All is well until the group members start getting picked off by a cunning, tactical, malevolent, killer in the woods.

Starring: John Friedrich, Adrian Zmed, Ernest Harden Jr, Lewis Smith, Rachel Ward, Daryl Hannah. Director: Andrew Davis.

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