Cast a Long Shadow (1959) [DVD, Import - English audio, removable subtitles]

Cast a Long Shadow (1959) [DVD, Import - English audio, removable subtitles]



Filmed on a low budget and in black-and-white, Cast a Long Shadow is a film that might have been so much more. Matt Brown (Audie Murphy) is a hard-drinking loose cannon who inherits his father’s 87,000-acre ranch, despite the old man having disowned him as illegitimate, renounces his past and plans to marry his sweetheart. When he discovers his father was deep in debt and about to lose the ranch, Brown has no choice but to embark on a long cattle drive to Santa Fe, to sell three thousand head of cattle before the bank forecloses.

Referred to by some reviewers as a “mini-Red River in reverse” (after Howard Hawks’s epic cattle drive western which starred John Wayne and catapulted a young Montgomery Clift to fame), Cast a Long Shadow has all the ingredients of a rip-roaring western saga. A strong cast includes old hand John Dehner as the ranch foreman, prolific movie stalwart Ann Doran, and two future Dukes of Hazzard actors, James Best and Denver Pyle, while actress Terry Moore was fresh from a starring role in the Sal Mineo musical comedy A Private’s Affair.

Murphy came to resent these low-budget black-and-white productions - even though in this case (with Walter Mirisch) he was co-producer - and in his later career he vowed only to work in colour. Cast a Long Shadow ends up a routine Murphy oater, but, as western fans will avow, that’s no bad thing.

Spanish Region 0 PAL (fully UK-compatible) DVD, Feel Films 2015

Please note: Subtitles have been tested and confirmed removable using disc menus.

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