The Lone Hand (1953) [DVD]

The Lone Hand (1953) [DVD]



From the back cover:

In this star-studded western, murder, robbery and betrayal plague a small rural town - and, secretly, one desperate farmer is at the centre of the action.

Zachary Hallock (Joel McCrea) is broke. The farmer has just lost his wife, and - looking for a place he and his son can call home - decides to move West to begin a new life. At first, things seem to be shaping up: Zack finds a new bride (Emmy award-winning Barbara Hale, Perry Mason) and starts a new farm - but now, more than ever, money is tight.

The town spirals into chaos when the local sheriff is shot down in the streets by a gang of outlaws, who are dead-set on making dirty money and terrorising anyone who gets in their way. Soon, Zach finds himself at the wrong end of a barrel, held up at gunpoint by the outlaws, who make him an offer he can’t refuse…

His family needs money. His life is in danger. Tangled in a web of violence, betrayal and deceit, Zack must choose between doing what is right, and what is necessary.

UK Region 2 PAL DVD, Simply/Universal 2016

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