The Man from Snowy River (1982) [DVD]

The Man from Snowy River (1982) [DVD]



A favourite movie of many, and one of just fifty Australian films selected for preservation as part of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia's Kodak / Atlab Cinema Collection Restoration Project, The Man from Snowy River provides a starring role for young Anglo-Canadian-Australian actor Tom Burlinson (who went on to further success in the sequel) as the young hero, Jim Craig, and plenty for the distinctive acting chops of Kirk Douglas to do in a dual role as estranged twin brothers Spur and Harrison, one the best friend of Jim’s deceased father, the other the father of the girl he wants to marry.

Aside from Douglas, the stars are arguably the breathtaking Australian outback and the impressive horse stunt work - all the more impressive when you bear in mind that Tom Burlinson had never ridden a horse prior to filming but did all his own stunt work in the movie, including a stunning single-take shot of him chasing Brumbies (Australian free-roaming feral horses) at full gallop down a cliff face.

Much loved by its fans, Australian and international, but long available only in full-screen Betamax and VHS versions, The Man from Snowy River appears on DVD for the first time in all its digitally-remastered widescreen glory. And in case you wonder what became of Tom Burlinson, he sang the voice of Frank Sinatra for the 2003 movie The Night We Called It a Day (well, actor Dennis Hopper was never going to cut it vocally) and reinvented himself as a Frank Sinatra tribute artist.

UK Region 2 PAL DVD, Screenbound/Fox 2013

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