Walk the Proud Land (1956) [DVD, Import - English audio, removable subtitles]

Walk the Proud Land (1956) [DVD, Import - English audio, removable subtitles]



Walk the Proud Land tells the true story of Indian agent John Philip Clum, who went from the East to the Apache Indian reservation near Tucson, Arizona in 1874 to work with the mistreated Indians. (He is the same John P. Clum who appears in the story of Wyatt Earp, since he later became Editor of the Tombstone Epitaph.)

Far from your run-of-the-mill Audie Murphy oater, this thoughtful, character-driven western reflects intelligently on attitudes to Native Americans. Surrounded by bigotry and stubbornness, Clum (Murphy) is determined to grant a measure of dignity and independence to the Apaches on the reservation. Honest and peaceable in nature, he is nevertheless bold toward the uncooperative U.S. Army and brave toward some Apaches who are mean with a killer's temper.

Romantic tensions ensue when a young Indian widow (a beautiful Anne Bancroft) who has fallen for Clum clashes with his wife from the East (Pat Crowley). Jay Silverheels reprises the role of Geronimo, which he had played (albeit uncredited) six year earlier in Broken Arrow (1950); he is captured in a rather trite finale which is nevertheless essentially the truth - Clum captured Geronimo without a shot being fired.

Jesse Hibbs had directed Murphy more than once before, including his autobiographical war movie To Hell and Back (1955), and this was his penultimate western before beginning a successful career directing for television, which would culminate in work on two Quinn Martin productions, the cult science-fiction series The Invaders and Sunday-night entertainment institution F.B.I. Director of photography Harold Lipstein captures some beautiful Old Tucson scenery.

Spanish Region 0 PAL (fully UK-compatible) DVD, Feel Films 2013

Please note: Subtitles have been tested and confirmed removable using disc menus.

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